6 Jan

I was thinking over yesterdays post and how it felt like men weren’t necessary on my night out, and I realised that during my time as the independent woman, men in fact haven’t been necessary at all, for any part of it.

As liberating as this may seem, I actually find it quite sad. My experience of boys and men, although sometimes being highly irritating and reducing me to the realms of paranoia, anger and general despair, have actually been quite positive ones and it saddens me to think of a life where there presence is not needed. Apart from for reproduction of course.

I have found being the independent woman interesting and it’s given me a degree of confidence but in general I found it lonely and somewhat bleak. I treasure the time I have with my friends and although work is important to me I would never want it to consume me or take over my life, and this is what I found happened when I was the independent woman.

I will be glad to lose her character.


Nights out with the girls – better for everyone?

5 Jan

Went in to central London for a night out with my house mates last night. I was a bit unsure of what the independent woman would wear but then I remembered that I was supposed to dress in a way that made me appear confident. So I went for a pair of black jeans, cream top, and bright red lipstick (which I have never worn before).

Although I felt a little uncomfortable at first I tried to maintain an air of confidence around me, which I think I eventually got the hang of and ended up having quite a good night. I spent my entire evening sat with my fellow female friends talking about my new role and sipping red wine.

Usually on a night out there’s a certain amount of male involvement but this night was man free – we simply sat in awe of what wonderful, powerful women we all are. We didn’t need men.

The loneliest number

4 Jan

Wanted to get a lot of uni work done today so decided not to go with my friends to the library and do my work with them but stay home on my own so I could really concentrate.

Halfway through the day I was incredibly bored and in all honesty a bit lonely and was actually finding it harder to concentrate so I decided to take my books and join the others.

I’ve realised since starting the week as the independent woman that although I have to be independent to an extent, it’s actually best to try and spend a little more time with other people, otherwise it’s really lonely and can leave you feeling strangely under-productive.

An early spring clean

3 Jan

Decided to have a clear out today, I started with my wardrobe and ended up throwing loads away. Now my wardrobe is almost bare but at least it’s refreshed and ready to be filled again. I quite like being a new, independent woman, it’s making me get loads of stuff done that probably would never have got done if I was being the regular, lazy me. I feel quite inspired!

I even cleared out my kitchen cupboards and then went shopping for healthy, convenient foods to suit my new lifestyle. Think jacket potatoes and salad a-plenty! Perfect for the hard, working, independent woman!

All work and no play…

2 Jan

I was super hard working at work again today, I didn’t even stop for my weekly gossip with my workmates, which I think annoyed them a little bit.

Also I’d arranged to watch a film with my house-mates tonight but I’m feeling so tired that I think I’ll end up just going to bed.

It looks like all work and no play makes Thea a dull girl.

The perfect opportunity for a hard days work!

1 Jan

Worked really hard at work today, everyone else was tired and hungover so saw it as a perfect opportunity to show how dedicated I am and how much I could get done. I really felt like I’d sunk my teeth into my new role as the independent woman today. Very tired tonight though, but I want to get some Uni work done so it won’t be an early night.

In bed by a reasonable hour!

1 Jan

Went to Primrose Hill to watch the fireworks last night with some friends, which was lovely. However I was aware that I had work the next day so only had one glass of wine and made sure I was back in bed by 1.30am. Need to be on the ball at work!